Jan. 2024
Our paper on generative machine learning has been accepted to ICLR 2024. Congratulations to Zhidong!

Sep. 2023
Our team has received the NIH AIM-AHEAD Award!

Jan. 2023
I am honored to receive the CISCO Research Award. Thank you, CISCO!

Aug. 2022
I am invited to serve on AAAI 2023 TPC.

April. 2022
Congratulations to Rui, who has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno!

April. 2022
Congratulations to Rui, who has sucessfully defended her PhD dissertation!

Feb. 2022
I was recognized as a Distinguished TPC Member at IEEE INFOCOM 2022.

Jan. 2022
Glad to share that our work on federated learning with heterogeneous communications has been accepted by ICLR 2022. The work has been selected for a spotlight presentation (5%)!

Jan. 2022
I am pleased to serve as an Awards Co-chair for 2022 N2Women Board.

Dec. 2021
I received 2021 IEEE TCSC Early Career Researcher Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing.

Jul. 2021
We received an NSF Medium Grant on efficient and privacy-preserving learning over 5G mobile devices. Thank you, NSF!

Jun. 2021
I am selected as Rising Star in Networking and Communications for 2021 by N2Women.

Jun. 2021
We received the GREAT seed grant from the VPREDKE Office at UTSA on natural hazard risk assessment towards Resilient 5G infrastructure.

May 2021
I received the CAREER Award from National Science Foundation! This project focuses on enabling time-critical federated learning in next generation networking.

Apr. 2021
Our work on sparsification-amplified privacy in federated learning has been accepted by IJCAI 2021. Congratulations, Rui!

Apr. 2021
I am invited to serve on INFOCOM 2022 TPC.

Mar. 2021
Department of Defense has awarded us on a honeynet testbed for cyber deception, cyber hardening, and disinformation. Thank you, DoD! Look forward to working on the testbed!

Feb., 2021
I am elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior Member.

Aug. 2020
We have four papers accepted by IEEE GLOBECOM 2020. Congrats to Shahira and Zhidong for their first paper!

May 2020
NSF awarded our RAPID project on COVID-19 symption map construction. Thank you, NSF!

Apr. 2020
I was recognized as a Distinguished TPC Member at IEEE INFOCOM 2020.

Feb. 2020
I received the REU supplementary for the NSF CRII project. Thank you, NSF!

Jul. 2019
I received the CRII Award from National Science Foundation. Thank you, NSF!

Aug. 2019
I joined UT San Antonio as an assistant professor. Hello, San Antonio!